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Abuse Survivor Turned Life Coach

I was born and raised in Singapore to a Caucasian American father and a Singaporean-Chinese mother. On the outside, my family seemed like the perfect family. On the inside of our home, yelling and screaming among adults was a normal occurrence.


I didn't know back then (I was child, and children assume the best in their parents), but I grew up with a covert narcissistic parent who was subtle with her emotional abuse of her children, using insinuations and subtle daggers difficult for children and even adults to recognize. I was a tool to satisfy my narcissistic mother's needs.


Because of my upbringing, I attracted narcissistic partners as an adult. After years of failed relationships and on the verge of suicide, I had to decide to get help or continue my life of misery. My sense of self-worth was psychologically beaten out of me that I spent my early 20's figuring who I am and what my moral values are.

After studying narcissism for 5 years, I went no contact with my narcissistic mother before my first child turned 1. I wasn't protected from my narcissistic mother, but I will protect my children from being exposed to any kind of abuse, even from family. Having a husband who grew up with a narcissistic parent as well has made the decision to prioritize our children's safety an easy one. I made the decision to go no contact and have never looked back. My life is now full of peace and joy; feelings that were rare for me as a child.


I love helping others who've had similar experiences with a narcissistic parent find their true selves and make the kind of live they've always dreamed of a reality. If you've experienced narcissistic abuse, let's chat!

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